The Fashion Hideaway was originally set up as a way for me to dabble with fashion trends and things I liked and share it with like-minded individuals. I started it in May 2017 and I didn’t anticipate the time I required to maintain it, therefore it lapsed to a degree and life.

2020 wasn’t really the year we all expected. 2021 and I’ve opted for a refresh to keep things more intriguing.

This is the part where I should probably introduce myself.

My name is Stephanie Bell, 29, full-time ward sister, part-time blogger….I only get paid for one of these though. I have always loved fashion growing up, forever following a trend and definitely becoming my own weird and wonderful version of that. The older I got, the more money I had, the more my passion/addiction grew.


(This is me)

Always looking at what people wear and how they accessorised it was my hobby. This platform has allowed me to expand that and share with others my current fashion favourites and what has sparked an interest in my daily life.

I hope you will follow my journey and share your passions and views with me.

Stephanie xo

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