Christmas Gift Guide

How could I not jump on the band wagon and share some gift ideas? I wonder if my husband will read this…maybe I should add a specific section for him.

Compresso – Water bottles and coffee cups…something that everyone uses. These bottles and cups are reusable, compact, and collapsible, ideal for everyone in this fast paced world. We all need to do our bit to help protect the world we live in, this can be your contribution. I love my coffee cup and use it on a daily basis. It’s great to throw into your bag and take on the go. Plus the idea arose from a young enterprise group and has grown with the help of Cathy Martin, homegrown and developing.

Treasure Gifts X That Belfast Girl – A local brand which has developed over the past year for kids and adults. Jumpers and t-shirts celebrate being from Belfast and not being afraid to show it. I purchased the ‘Honey I’m a Belfast girl t-shirt‘ and I love it. It’s easy to dress up or keep it causal. As a blow in to Belfast, (Antrim girl right here), it still allows me to feel part of the community and it is by no means limited.

Being a Belfast girl isn’t about about your location – it’s about your attitude. A Belfast Girl is whoever she wants to be.

That Belfast Girl

Le Contour is a local business which has been created during this madness of lockdown. I love to see were people find their inspiration and what can be born out of such uncertain times. ‘The Sistory Collection’ is the first from Le Contour which celebrates the female form, something both men and women can appreciate. I ordered the petit sister and the booty which are fabulous. Although they are candles, I don’t know if mine will ever be lit but they have took up firm residence in my home.

Repose Living aim to make exercise accessible to everyone. Another local business created out of the angst of lockdown and just launched it’s first products, perfect to keep everyone moving.

Pact Coffee – Is your other half a coffee lover? Why not get them a subscription? Jonny and I started this back in April after we invested in a coffee machine and it has been the best thing ever. As we both love our coffee, it is something we don’t like to run out off. We get a bag every 2 weeks but we can amend it if we have some and don’t need it. Plus at only £6.95 it is a bargain.

Why not get a Compresso cup to put it in?

Little Penny Thoughts is a family run business, two sisters with a passion for positivity and wellbeing, their website says so. This time of year everyone starts to become more reflective and organised, trying to plan the year ahead. Using the calendar and diary from Little Penny Thoughts can help!

Danni Simpson Art has lots of prints, cards, calendars and tote bags, you are bound to find something for everyone. I have the Belfast print on my wall and I love it. Plus you will see several murals over Belfast which Danni has done. You can keep up to date with her current projects via her Instagram, she recently done a commissioned mural for Charlotte Crosby.

Wee Belfast‘ is a unique approach to photography and prints within Northern Ireland. I love the concept and seeing what Claire, (the photographer) comes up with. These are definitely prints you must have, guaranteed to make stop and stare and a definite conversation starter.

Cowfield Design – If you are like me you will have seen products from cowfield design but you wouldn’t have known it. I have several of their items on my wish list, (hint hint husband).

Lines and Current is a minimal jewellery brand created in Belfast. It is very clean and simple jewellery which is affordable for all. They have rings, necklaces , ear rings….the lot! You will definitely find something for that lucky person in your life.

The theme of my jewellery collection dances between these two poles: clean lines and unpredictable flow, the dainty and the robust; the minimal and the earthy; the stillness and the wilds. Maybe there’s freedom in not having to be ‘one or the other’ in a world that sometimes seems polarised?

Rebekah, Lines and current

Other Ideas:

  • Gift Cards – Although they can seem impersonal at times, this year a gift card for somewhere local, whether it is a shop or a restaurant may be the perfect gift. It allows people to look forward to getting out and enjoying others company.
  • Magazine subscription
  • Personal Training Sessions’ – I did this last year for Jonny and we both are still doing it, great for the mind let alone the body.
  • Ticket’s for a show/sporting event – well when we are able to attend again.
  • Books – I love to get a good book. I know not everyone will agree but a book means so much and you can make it really personal to the individual.
  • Staycation – Normally a trip would be my first suggestion however as things remain so uncertain at the moment I wouldn’t be encouraging this purchase….yet!

Face Masks

As if I would forget to mention these….a new accessory for the ages. A great stocking filler or small gift for everyone.

Below are some local sellers to check out:

If you know of more share them with me and I’ll share the details!

What I have shown is by no means an exhaustive list….these are local brands and companies that I know of, but I know there are hundreds out there who need our support.

Shopping local is something I have never really done, I love a brand, a designer one at that however my bank balance tends to disagree. In saying this my thought process has changed somewhat over the past year. To see so many businesses suffering due to the pandemic and unforeseen lockdown periods is just heart-breaking. Although the hospital hasn’t been the easier time over the past year at least I can say I have a job and an income which many are struggling to right now. If I can urge you to do one thing this year…..SHOP LOCAL. Support those small businesses which are struggling at the moment due to uncertainty. As a regularly online shopper who frequently visits the larger convenient stores, I’ve now started searching for more local shops, (Esty has been great).

Also, Christmas can be a difficult time for a lot of people normally, let alone this year. If you want to help support others this year I would recommend visiting The Trussell Trust for more information on how to help people this year.

If anyone has any local stores/brands that people might want to hear about pass me their details and I’ll share on my page.

Stephanie xo

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