Adulting….the real truth

From a young age I always wanted to be older. I always wanted to do those things you were always just to young for. In my house growing up it was always sitting up as a family late in the evening usually after my sister came in from work (she worked in a chinese restaurant in her teenager years), with takeaway. It use to be my mum, dad, eldest brother and sister, then as my other brother got older he joined. I never quite got there.

Oh how time passes and you view things when you are older. Nowadays I don’t have the fear of missing out because I’m too young. In fact it’s quite the opposite. I’d give anything sometimes to be sitting on the stairs again ease dropping, mainly due to having responsibilities now. I’d gladly be older sans the adulting requirements.

I was very lucky growing up, being the youngest I never had to do to many chores around the house, the most I usually got stuck with was making a cup of tea – this was the job of the youngest in our household!

Compared to many I didn’t leave home until this year, yes I’m 28! I did leave for a short period during university however it wasn’t the right time for me to leave, I wasn’t ready. This time was completely different for obvious reasons – Jonathan. I wasn’t doing this on my own and I actually felt that I had achieved a few things in life so I could manage anything else, well so I thought.

I have had so many things change over the last few months, new job, new apartment, wedding planning…I don’t do things by half. You’d think by 28 I would know how to be an adult? Until I added all this to the mix I definitely didn’t. My day to day life has changed so much……!

Gone are the days of going to work and coming home to a dinner already made, clothes washed and lunch in the fridge for the next day. Now it’s up to me to do a food shop, choose and make dinners, wash and iron clothes, clean the apartment and pay bills – how things change! This adjustment has been okay so far but there are some days I don’t want to do any of it. Trying to manage finances has probably been the most worrying (Yes I worry in case you forgot), definitely reducing my shopping habit a lot.

It amazes me how they don’t teach you any of these things in school. It would of been so useful to know the difference between mortgage types, life insurance, oil or gas – the list is endless. We have already turned into the people who watch shows about ways to save money. Does everyone go through this?

Since returning from honeymoon I’ve spent a lot of time trying this whole “adulting” malarkey. Lots of washing and ironing, food shopping/prepping and sorting all our finances – I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although you go through many, many emotions and thoughts during the transition from living at your parental home to being independent, it shows how much you learn growing up – even though you think you don’t. Your perspective changes as does your priorities over the years, which we often don’t realise.

Whats next in the ‘adulting’ stakes then? I’m currently focusing on cooking and making lunches, it may seem trivial but we have often choose the simple option of buying something instead of being prepared. I wonder how long we will last? The most exciting thing on the agenda is actually Christmas decorating. It’s our first Christmas as a married couple and our first in our apartment, so it will be lovely putting our spin on Christmas and spending it as us.

Watch this space for more adulting highlights…haha

Stephanie xo

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