Shoe of the Month – June 2019

I think I need to pay homage to one of the most popular trends of the past couple of years – ‘The Ugly Shoe’ also know as ‘The Dad Shoe’, very apt name if I do say so myself.

Just look at what comes up when you type these so called trends into google.

The Dad Shoe
The Ugly Shoe

Personally, I am not adverse to this trend if anything I love the triple s Balenciaga trainers in pink but it’s not happening – especially when they cost £645, if only.

Balenciaga - Triple S Logo-embroidered Leather, Nubuck And Mesh Sneakers - Pink - IT38
Balenciaga Triple S Trainers

When these first appeared on the scene, they were very much like marmite – love or hate. As with many items celebrities flocked to them, then influencers and eventually they became a success, everyone and their granny had to have them. This ultimately led to every brand developing their own version in order to compete in such a demanding market.

High street shops definitely had an inside edge with this trend as the cost was a massive draw for savvy shoppers. Adidas, puma, and fila all jumped on board, providing another market for them to dip into. At a fraction of the cost ranging between £60-£100ish, why wouldn’t you purchase a different brand? You are still getting a much loved brand which have proven success within the sneaker area, plus you aren’t following the herd and buying because a celebrity/influencer has worn them, some food for thought right there – I need to listen to my own advice haha.

I have a very unique fashion sense, some might say weird, purely depends on your interpretation but I am definitely a convert to this trend and with the comfort wearing trainers provides who wouldn’t be?

Throw them on with jeans and a chunky knit or a spring floral dress, whatever the style these shoes are very adaptable. Why not even throw on a pair of sock? Live a little.

This trend isn’t going away any time soon – join the epidemic, get your Ugly shoes on!

Stephanie – The Fashion Hideaway

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