My Ultimate shoe wish list

Over the years I have always been very keen on a handbag however, lately it has been shoes which have took over my wish list. These aren’t just your average shoes, I am talking designer mostly, all the items which don’t necessarily fit the necessity category unfortunately.

In No particular order….(because I want them all)

  1. Gucci Marmont: How could I not want these? I have loved these shoes since they were released. Originally I wanted the red suede mid-heel or high-heel however they aren’t as easily accessible these days. Then Gucci added these beauties to their website:

Yes Navy suede! I adore these shoes. Priced at £540. They are also available in a open toe style and ankle boot version.

2. Balenciaga Trainers: Triple S became the shoe of last year and are still going strong. ‘Ugly trainers’ so to speak, are very on trend currently although I feel these won’t last forever. It still doesn’t make me want them less. Many other brands, both designer and highstreet have since made their own version to appeal to everyone’s budget. Priced at £645 in most places. These shoes are sold out on Balenciaga website itself therefore if you were to purchase you would need to look elsewhere.

3. Chloe Susanna Boots: These boots are an iconic item and a must-have for every wardrobe. Priced at £850 they won’t be an everyday purchase however from reviewing lots of information online about these shoes, they seem to be worth the money. Hard wearing and long lasting, what more would you want from a pair of boots? These boots have been around for many seasons and seem to become more popular the longer they are. My sister owns two pairs….I can’t believe I’m writing this. I’m just a wee bit jealous. From seeing her boots, I can safely say I will be purchasing at some point.

The black with gold hardware are my favourite and definitely what I would purchase. A top tip would be to keep an eye out for discount codes and sales on other sites such as farfetch or mytheresa, you never know you might get lucky.

4. Chanel Espadrilles:

Espadrilles the perfect shoe for summer and your holidays. Chanel are very popular among celebrities and influencers. Priced at £495. The price has went up over the years as with many other chanel items. I would say though they retain their value and any Chanel piece is really more of an investment….well I’ll be telling myself that anyway.

5. Sophia Webster Bibi Butterfly Flats: Sophia Webster shoes to me are so fun and quirky, very unique and out of the box. I fell in love with Bibi Butterfly flats when they were first launched. Priced at £250, I have almost made the purchase a couple of times and then I felt I should of being using the money for something more practical. They come in an aray of colours and fabrics, with new ones released each season. Some of my favourites so far have been the red velvet and royal blue shades. The black is so elegant though and can turn a causal day outfit into something a bit more dressy.

6. Christian Louboutin Décolleté 554 Patent: No Shoe list could be complete without having Christian Louboutin on it. The red sole alone makes me want them. Although there are many unique and adventureous styles, I believe having the basics would be perfect in any collection. These would enable you to dress up any outfit keeping it simple and classy. This is my favourite style, 100mm in height and priced at £495. This style is available in black, nude and red.

7. Chanel Slingback Pumps: Another classic shoe which has recently made a comeback after being seen on my influencers as of late. A simple shoe but with a name such as Chanel attached to it takes it to another level. The infamous “CC”, can make anything more desirable. I prefer the 65mm heel version, although flats are available. These are priced at £650.

8. Jimmy Choo Romy: My love affair with Jimmy Choos continues. I another these shoes, I think they are stunning and so elegant. That being said I previously purchased a pair of Nude Patent ‘Anouk’ shoes. They were stunning. They were also 120mm in height and extremely difficult to walk in. Also being size 4/37, I ordered that, however I found them to be slight big so the one or two times I wore them I had an insole in them. These shoes are no longer with me unfortunately, they just sat in a box and I would prefer shoes to be loved and wore. So my next pair are going to be ‘Romy’, 85mm in height, priced at £475. Navy and nude for me please.

9. Adidas Stan Smith: I have these and they are my favourite. They go with every outifit whether it’s jeans or dresses. Extremely comfortable however they squeak until you break them in. Plus you can find them at really good prices and they never go out of style. Priced at £74.95 on Adidas website. If you have small feet you might felt into junior sizes which can go up to 5/38 and these are priced at £44.95. There are also plenty of styles and colours available, these are the originals below.

10. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic:

A firm favourite of most, who hasn’t had a pair at some point in their life. I’ve definitely had several. I’ve never been a fan of hi-tops mainly because i’m short and they make me look shorter. I normally went for the dainty style however more recently I’ve picked these. Extremely difficult to keep white however they are unbelievably comfortable. Priced at £50, you definitely get value for your money. I think I need another pair!

Well, there you go. These are my top 10 must-have shoes, donations are welcome. I’d say it’ll take me like 20 years or more to have them all, I may get a few extra shifts booked in.

Let me know what shoes would make your top 10!

Stephanie xo

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