Style Sunday Flashback

I know, I know, you don’t need to say it….I’ve been slightly MIA again from writing. Trying to organise time is not my strong suit. Even trying to find time to go to events is difficult let alone writing about them. People always say trying to break into the fashion/film industry is difficult…try blogging about it. Gosh there has been a lot going on lately but if you follow me on instagram/facebook you’ll already know that – Hint Hint….Go Follow!! Clearly I meant getting engaged when I began this!!

I did manage to find time to go to Style Sunday at the end of last year. It was part of the events organised for Belfast Fashion Week. Last year I had went to the highstreet fashion show however it was my friends birthday this year so thought we’d treat her to something a bit different. Plus trying to rally people to go is more difficult than i’d imagined. So Style Sunday it was…

First up…trying to decide what to wear! Was everyone going to be overly dressly/casual, a mix of everything? It turns out everyone just wore what they wanted. There was a mix of trainers to heels, trousers to dresses which made it easier for me when choosing something to wear.


I opted for the Topshop dress of the season, (okay like 2 seasons ago now but it was a while ago), yes the polka dot delight. I loved this dress when it first hit stores and then the black version arrived, then the printed ones and so forth, I did just stick with the one print though. Due to the time of year I decided for warmth so threw on a plain black polo neck jumper and over the knee black boots. I completed the look with my short leather biker jacket and my crossbody black Moschino bag.

Style Sunday was held at the fabulous Fitzwilliams Hotel, which is stunning. On arrival we got a beverage and headed to our seats for a meal and fashion shows. Unfortunately we didn’t get the goodie bag although everyone else did. There seemed to be some fabulous items in it, a Lulu Guinness key ring for one, well from what I could see. This was slightly disappointing especially as this event was more expensive than the rest.

The show included items from boutiques such as blush and boux avenue. The styles on show were stunning and I wanted so many of them. It’s a shame my bank balance wouldn’t allow. Haha

How amazing are these outfits? And the models? They all look stunning. I need some of their motivation please. I find it hard to put tan on let alone all of this prep.

It just kept getting better and better. Look at how stunning the last outfit is. Gosh I wish I had somewhere to go just to wear it. Reflecting on all the highlights from previous shows makes me more excited for this year.

Well I need to go to the gym! Fair play to all these ladies, if you could pass your motivation this way please.

All the items in these photos where shown in October so I am unsure if the stores still have all the items.

Style Sunday was a very different type of event, it was lovely to have a meal and see all the outfits up close, however the layout for me was a bit restricted and you felt slightly isolated depending on where you were sitting, (though this could just be because I was shy and couldn’t talk to anyone else – recurring theme!).

Belfast fashion week is always something I look forward too. I use to follow all the shows on Instagram but since going it’s something I aim to go to each season now. This year is no different. Make sure you check out my Instagram this Friday and I will try and show you some sneak peeks!

Enjoy your week!

Stephanie xo

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