Fashion Week Revisited

Belfast Fashion week events begin this Friday, so I thought it was about time I shared some photos and highlights of my first event last year. I was overly excited and booked FROW seats (Front row for all you non fashion show goers haha).

I had a lot of trouble getting someone to go, unfortunately my friend cancelled last minute so roped Suzie who I worked with at the time into it. Thankfully this year my bestie is good to go!! Trying to be a blogger and attend events can be difficult when you don’t know anyone and attending on your own can be very intimidating. My aim for the year is to branch out at some point and go no matter what! You’d think as a nurse i’d be able to talk to anyone but it just isn’t the same.

Anyway back to Fashion week…oh it was great. I loved it. I was completely in my element. Everyone was dressed in the latest trends with their own spin and interpretation which I love.

Sponsored by west coast cooler, on arrival you got a glass of rose or original, very tasty. Then there was a lot of mingling…well being nosy more like ha, then it was show time. We took our seats, got a lovely goodie bag and then had reems of high-street goodness to view and awe over.

Yes, there are a lot of picture. My photography skills are not that to be desired. Oh it makes me excited to see this years fashion and styling.

Maybe this year I’ll take better photos…ha

Stay tuned to see more from fashion week!

Stephanie xo

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