I’m sitting here contemplating my blog and why I started doing this. Initially I wanted to do this as a way for me to relax and have a hobby. For me not to be consumed by work and my own emotions. For me not to overload my head with endless thoughts and worries. Have I done this? Not at all.

So this is the new chapter of my blog…..I hope.

This time I have a plan. I’m trying to be structured and give myself time to do this. I have always loved fashion, beauty and lifestyles (of the rich and famous and the normal person), so I’m determined not to give up this time.

I love meeting people with the same interest and passion and learning from them. People are so quick to judge in this environment and make out that everything is a competition. That people are doing this for the financial reward or so called perks. The reality is most people who are called a ‘blogger’ are doing it being they enjoy it. Most of them have a full time job and aren’t going to become financially independent from having a blog. When I say this i’m talking about your average Joe who has a blog not the likes of London socialites or overnight celebrities. Don’t get me wrong I think if someone has the opportunity given to them by all means jump at the chance, it has probably taken a lot of work and dedication for them to be noticed. Having a blog with a reasonable following takes a lot of commitment, planning and time. Many of the individuals who decide to make comments, don’t necessarily realise this. I for one didn’t anticipate how much time I would require to even take a stab at some continuity.

It has taken me the first month of 2019 to work out what I wanted to do this year and by no means do I want to get rid of my blog. I may have 100 and 1 things to do but I’m going to do it.

Here goes…

Stephanie xo

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