The A/W Coat Edit

Autumn weather has definitely arrived, which for me has always meant new outerwear. I have never been a person who put away summer clothes and pulled out knitwear, unfortunately I’ve never lived anywhere which allowed me to predict the sun or rain. The rain and colder weather tend to feature all year! I think that is why autumn and winter fashion has always been my favourite. Over the past few weeks I’ve been searching endlessly for what I want this season and I’m still none the wiser. The shops have so many different styles at the moment its hard to know.

I did however fall in love with this beauty below!

Essentiel Antwerp


And the reason it isn’t currently in my wardrobe is the price. I’m not one to shy away from a purchase, no matter the cost, but for some reason I haven’t branched out just yet. I have however noted plenty of high street finds which could make their way to my wardrobe very soon. Below are just some of my favourites…

Checked Coats:

Checks and tartans are a must have this season whether its coats, trousers or skirts they are everywhere. I am loving the brighter colours myself, yellows, pinks etc. The check pattern can dress up any plain outfit and keep it dressy or causal depending on the occasion. I can definitely see myself making a purchase or two…stay tuned.

Trench Coats:

So I had ordered the M&S Hooded Trench, I had been coveting it since the press day. It arrived, it looked lovely on the hanger….it was returned!! I felt like inspector gadget. I was just way to short for this. I felt swamped by it. It had a lot of material and is a very heavy jacket, good for the winter especially to keep the heat in but I definitely think you need to be fairly tall to make this a wearable jacket.

A trench has been a ‘must-have’ classic fashion item for very wardrobe for year. I am loving how they have mixed it up this year by adding cord and check versions, as well as capes and hoods. It shows how classic items continue to dictate the trend with a few modern adjustments.  I think every wardrobe should have a trench. Mine has one purchased from Topshop sale many moons ago, beige in colour with a flared skirt almost. I am still on the hunt for a straight one that suits me and doesn’t make me look like Inspector Clouseau.

inspector clouseau

Faux Fur Coats:

Fur, Fur and Fur….don’t worry I mean Faux. Fur style jackets are by far one of my favourite every year. This trend gets a revamp each autumn/winter season and this year it has been hit with colour and a lot of it. I’m definitely edging toward a pink fur to keep my autumn/winter wardrobe brighter than normal. If someone could fund these purchases though…haha

Animal Print: 

2018 obsession of the year so far has to be animal prints, other than the marks & sparks dress and jumpsuit! I am very partial to some animal print whether it is shoes or skirts or both, pass it my way. I’ve never had an animal print coat, it is usually my accessory however with all the statement pieces around, be bold, get the coat and make a mark.

From left to right:

  1. & Other Stories – Leopard Boxy Coat
  2. Topshop – Leopard Print Coat
  3. Zara – Textured Leopard Print Coat

Other Favourites:

 Below are just some other jackets and coats I’m a fan off, yes I know there have been plenty already…

  1. River Island – Check with Faux Fur Collar Coat £100
  2. Topshop – Front Button Shacket £69
  3. Topshop – Yellow Cord Double Breasted Blazer £65
  4. Zara – Tweed Jacket with Pearl Beads £49.99
  5. M&S – Wool Blend Coat £69 (Holly’s Must Haves)
  6. Topshop – Gem Boucle Bomber Jacket £59

This is just a selection of some of my favourite jackets and coats available now, lets be honest I could probably add more. You can probably tell I either go for plain and simple, or weird and unique, there is no in-between. If you can’t use fashion to express yourself what can you?

Hopefully this has give you some inspiration for this new fashion season! Let me know your thoughts and share any purchases you may make.

Stephanie xo

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