Round 2…

Here we go again.

I’m back!!

As you all know I attempted to start this last year with a few posts every so often, unfortunately life got in the way. This is by no means as easy as it looks! Trying to maintain a full time job, a life, a relationship, socialise, blog and make it all interesting whilst trying to get enough hours sleep…that really didn’t go to plan.

I’ve made a few changes over the past year in order to help me do the things I want to and the things I enjoy. The biggest thing is trying to worry less…haha Most might say I haven’t done this but in comparison to last year it has definitely improved. Most of you have been aware through personally chatting, insta or facebook that I have recently got a new job…which I finally got a date for!!! **Crowd Cheers**

Yes I’m a wee bit excited!

I start it in a approx 5-6 weeks which is really what I was hoping for. This job will hopefully bring about a new change and challenge for me. My current role and new one both have completely different responsibilities and although I will be sad to leave my current area and colleagues, I definitely need something different…for me!!

I haven’t tied myself down with endless projects and I took time out from uni, (although I am going back after Christmas). I have always been someone who needed to prove I could do everything and have control, well I really needed a break from that and a lot of time to personally reflect on what I wanted out of everything I was doing.

This has meant reevaluating relationships, personal and professional, working out what path to take in all aspects of life, questioning my decisions and then sometimes just winging it and hoping for the best.

Ultimately, I found I needed to do more stuff for me and things I enjoyed, spending time with people (this will get better…haha), fashion and blogging, having the odd hobby….I hope shopping counts!! Basically I think I’ve finally got my motivation and inspiration back for why I wanted to do this in the first place…not just the free stuff (FYI I haven’t got any…cough) ha.

So over the next while I hope to post a weekly blog for you all… fashion, beauty or lifestyle related. Same Day….hopefully same time! So watch this space….

Stephanie ~ The Fashion Hideaway

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