Red, red & more red

You’ve guessed it this blog post is about every colour except red!! Just joking clearly I’ve jumped on the band wagon and became obsessed with red. 🙈 A colour I never really wore and yet recently it’s all I want to buy.

Red has been such a trend lately from skirts to boots there is so much to want. Red usually makes an appearance around Christmas, however it has took hold a fair number of weeks earlier that expected. Below are some of my ‘must have’ items:

Stradivarius Red Ankle Boot – £25.99

Marks and Spencer Red Pleated Skirt – £35.00 ( I have this and I love it 😍 such good valve)

Marks and Spencer Jumper – £35.00


H&M Red Mohair-Blend Jumper – £69.99

Topshop Moto Red Denim Mini Skirt – £29.00


Oasis Core Polo – £25.00



Zara Oversized cable knit sweater – £39.99

I am completely in love with this jumper!!! ‘MUST HAVE FOR ME!!!’

zara 39-99


Zara Velvet Loafers with Bows – £25.99

Anyone who knows me knows I love bows and velvet….I’m surprised you haven’t seen more of that yet….don’t worry it will come. These shoes however won’t last forever!!

velvet loafers with bows

I think I could simply go on forever. My problem at the moment is there is so much out there that is appealing and most of it just happens to be red for me…or velvet or both! These are just some high street finds floating about at the moment. There are hundreds more.

I do often wonder if many people follow seasonal trends? I’m a bit out there with what I wear and many people often look I’m sure but clothes are way I find it easiest to express how I feel and to cheer me up. I do love a trend more than most probably but it will probably the weirdest trend going.

Stay tuned for more of the weird and wonderful and thanks for following. Hope to post more regularly but for now follow instagram, twitter and facebook to keep up to date on the latest posts!

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