Oh Charlotte…

As you’ve probably guessed this is about Charlotte Tilbury!!

Charlotte Tilbury is a British-born make-up artist. Charlotte started her own beauty and skincare collection in 2013. Initially this was launched in Selfridges, with the brand later expanding to other department stores throughout the UK and USA, in fact 37 countries in total by 2016. Charlotte Tilbury did open a flagship store in 2015 in Covent Garden, London, (I need to visit).

Now we’ve got a brief overview out of the way, lets talk products!

I have tried some products within the Charlotte collection.

  1. Magic Cream

I couldn’t resist! And yes it really is magic! Before deciding upon magic cream I had researched many, many, many products. My skin would always tend to break out from time to time and I wasn’t particularly sure what I was doing wrong or how I could improve it? My diet probably leaves a lot to be desired…..coffee addict right here!

I decided to go into a Charlotte counter and speak to someone about the product as I wasn’t totally set on it at this point, reading reviews can only tell you so much. I appreciate that people working to a brand are obviously trying to sell that brand to you, but they didn’t even need to. As soon as I tested the cream I knew I needed it. The feeling on your skin is unbelievable, incredibly soft and a good rich cream. The cost however was not very appealing! At £70 for a 50ml container it is probably on the higher end of a scale for what I was looking to pay. My previous creams had been round the £40 mark. Since I was hoping to help my skin I decided why not?

Magic Cream

The one container lasted me approximately 4 months and that was using it twice a day, morning and nighttime. I am quite annoyed at myself as I did not take pictures…when I bought it initially, I didn’t know I’d be doing this! I can safety say my skin has improve two-fold. The fact so many people have commented on the change in my skin has been proof to me, not just my word.

2. Multi-Miracle Glow

Now I did not use the magic cream on its own. I had initially used magic cream once i’d removed my makeup with other products. I had tried this when I visited the counter and I did fall in love with it however due the accumulating cost I had decided to hold off on purchasing. This lasted about 10 days, then I bought it.

This is described as a cleanser, mask and balm. I use this when removing make-up. Basically you apply it too your face and remove with a luke-warm wash cloth or flannel. It seriously works. My make-up comes of with such ease. You can also apply this to your face as a mask and leave it on overnight. I have only really done this a few times mainly because I enjoy the magic cream so I tend to use it at night more so.

This product is £45 for a 100ml container however I do tend to use it more and have required multiple purchases over the last 4 months. As my skin is much better I will continue to use it because I think the benefits outweigh the cost. You can get some samples in stores so if you aren’t 100% sure on what you want to use, try them before you buy.

Multi-Miracle Glow

3. Magic Foundation

I know at this point you are all probably thinking how much did she buy but I promise it isn’t a regular occurrence. I had been contemplating changing my foundation for a while mainly due to the fact I kept experiencing breakouts and was unsure how to combat it, so thought why not change everything? I have used multiple foundations from MAC to Chanel, Estee Lauder to Benefit and I just couldn’t find one right for me. I will say this no matter what I write about this foundation you need to try it for yourself, what works for one person will not work for everyone!

I decided to try this foundation mainly because I was changing my skincare routine to these products above. I felt that if anything was going to help it would be best to stick with the same brand as you’d think that’s why they make them. Well in my head that’s why. I would have fairly pale skin, (mainly as I haven’t seen proper sunshine in years…roll on September) so Magic foundation enabled me to find a really good shade match to my skin. They have an extensive range of colours to choose from and you can try out whatever you want in store, they will even give you samples to make sure you are selecting the right tone.

magic foundation5

At £30 for a 30ml bottle, I felt this was quite reasonably priced. You’d be hard pushed to find as good a foundation not around that price mark. Plus many would also be the same size. I honestly can’t say if this product would be as good if you are using a different skincare range but it is very light and stays on all day. I am one of those people who needs to feel their make-up on their face within feeling caked on! Foundation is really the type of product that will need replaced depending on how often you wear it. For me that’s usually daily as I feel more confident with some war paint on.

4. Brow Lift

This was the last Charlotte product I purchased on this splurge. I am majorly obsessed with my eyebrows, so for me this product just doesn’t cut it. I love a brush and a pot, (Can’t beat Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, £18), I find you are able to define your eyebrows better and into a shape that fits your face. In saying that, a brush and a pot takes time and practice, (I’ve had caterpillar eyebrows many times).

Dipbrow Pomade


I know many people like quick and easy with their make-up and not being an expert myself I thought this would be perfect. I do still carry it with me if i’m out and about, as it is much more compact. For me personally I found it wasn’t heavy enough for my eyebrows.

My sister had also purchased this product and she loves it, so again it may just be trial and error until you find what best suits yourself.

This product costs £22.50 and is described as a three-way tool for shape, lift and shade. If you do try this and find it works for you, let me know, I may just need a better technique.

brow lift cara

The girls at my local Charlotte Tilbury counter are always extremely helpful and give lots of free samples so make sure and ask! The lippys are dream but I already have too many to purchase anymore!

If you have tried any products from this brand let us know your thoughts!

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