Slip & Slide

One of the biggest trends for summer has been the introduction of the slide shoe. From designer labels to high street brands, everyone is getting involved. Below are some of our top picks that you don’t want to miss out on.


What will you be wearing your slides with this summer? From retro denim to chic summer dresses, slides have became the must have shoe to wear. Lets not forget the classic summer sandal and much-loved espadrilles, they continue to be a popular choice year after year. I for one am in awe of the Chanel espadrilles, (I will get them….eventually). ♥ A simple shoe to go with every outfit. Whats not to love? This is the part when I try and plan how i’ll not eat for a month to buy these…if only!



What is your summer shoe must have? Leave us a comment and share with us!

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