Patterns, stripes and big frills

Since the start of the year many trends have came and went. Our catwalks have seen the introduction of head to toe patterned ensembles as well as extreme minimalism, not to mention the comeback of the stripes and it certainly looks like the big frills are here to stay.

The high street has followed suit with the likes of zara and topshop stocking their shelves with co-ord outfits. The M&S jumper came and went in the winter, (yes I had this as well), are theses new trends just fads for the season?

The floral arrangements are perfect for the spring/summer, whether its raining or the sun is shining bright, the bright colours are sure to make anyone feel like a breathe of fresh air. I doubt this trend will survive long after the summer months. A major fan of stripes right here, such a versatile pattern for those who like a causal outfit or love to dress up.

As for frills…who doesn’t love a frill? It all started with trumpet sleeves and now you’d be hard pushed to find a piece of clothing without a frill somewhere. From peplums to ruffled necklines, the frills look like they will be around for the foreseeable future.

Zara 25.99 Top with flowers and frills
Zara £25.99
Stradivarius 35.99 Stripped strappy jumpsuit
Stradivarius £35.99

People always say fashion comes back around and this is very evident with the latest trend to be seen on multiple catwalks….tie-dye. This trend has always caused much controversy, you either loved it or hated it. Who knows what we will see next?

It’s hard not to find a pattern, stripe or frill when out shopping at the minute. Are the plain patterns gone for summer? Do we all need to jump on the bandwagon now?

Let us know what you all think,

The Fashion Hideaway

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